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Investors Our equity story

Since 2015, UCB has embarked on a very important change journey:

the Patient Value Strategy

At UCB our sense of purpose is

to help people suffering from severe neurological or immunological disorders lead normal, everyday lives.

Our ambition is to deliver highly differentiated solutions to specific populations, striving for a unique experience for each patient.

Our performance confirms our strategy and demonstrates that UCB has entered its growth phase, with financials that enable UCB to become the patient preferred biopharma leader, delivering value to patients and all stakeholders, including shareholders.

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Our key medicines

We bring solutions to people living with neurological or immunological diseases.

In these areas, we have four main medicines and one recently launched on the market.

Four of them are patent protected beyond 2020.











In a challenging environment, our pipeline builds the basis of UCB’s sustainable longterm growth.

To create a pipeline that will make a real difference in people’s lives, we have to remain focused on our key assets: our expertise in small and large molecules and our expertise in the fields of neurology and auto-immune diseases.

At the end of 2017, we have 12 new molecular entities in early development. We might not bring them all to the markets but every project is a learning experience. We might decide at some point to partner with another organization to maximize its potential and reach as many patients as possible. 

In March 2018, UCB0107, a humanized, immunoglobulin monoclonal antibody with a specificity for human tau, entered the clinical Phase 1 program.

For a company of our size, we consider it is vital to remain focused.


Evenity™ (romosozumab)

UCB pipeline

Feb 2019

Changes since February 2018:

  • Early 2018, UCB and partner Vectura decided to license out UCB4144/VR942
  • UCB0107 first in human (March 2018)
  • midazolam acquired (April 2018) & filed (Aug 2018)
  • seletalisib in Sjögren's Syndrome and APDS deprioritized (July 2018)
  • dapirolizumab pegol Phase 2b results in lupus (Oct 2018)
  • rozanolixizumab Phase 2a results in myasthenia gravis (Oct 2018)
  • End 2018, radiprodil (UCB3491) in infantile spasm was terminated due to lack of patients for recruitment – driven by sufficient standard of care. UCB6673 was returned to the partner – due to prioritization within the UCB pipeline.
  • Evenity™ (romosozumab) approval in Japan (Jan 2019)



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