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Careers Your career at UCB

Your career at UCB

Leadership and personal development

Leadership at UCB
A collective and consistent leadership is the key driver toward our continuing success.  UCB has identified six core behaviours, that form our Leadership Profile, that guide us individually and collectively to achieve our objectives and build a high performance culture at UCB.  Our global training initiatives support leadership development in line with the Leadership Profile.

Performance and Personal development
At UCB we expect you to drive your own performance, training and development, by setting 'smart' objectives, taking into account our goals and your aspirations.  Continuous dialogue with your manager is the key to the way we manage performance throughout the year and develop our leaders.  Your development may include opportunities to relocate around the world.

Leadership programmes
To train and develop our leaders, we have developed four core leadership programmes. These programmes are designed to

  • help our leaders understand their style and strengths, and the skills they need to develop
  • enable them to facilitate and implement change in the organisation,
  • encourage them to take ownership of initiatives and
  • develop their capacity to lead their teams successfully towards shared objectives.

These programmes, with other supporting leadership training initiatives, are delivered by reputable and highly qualified tutors.

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Compensation and company benefits

Competitive salaries
We have developed a global approach to remuneration, and strive to make sure that it remains competitive in our market sector and is consistent  throughout all our locations, while recognising the needs of the local business environment.  We also link pay to performance, to acknowledge and reward outstanding performers.

Annual bonuses
UCB has designed a bonus scheme that is directly linked to your performance.  The extent to which you have reached your objectives, and the way you have achieved them, will determine your yearly bonus.

Long-term incentives
Your individual contributions to UCB's success are recognised when you deliver exceptional performance.  Through stock options, for example, you have the opportunity to own UCB common stock - and to share in UCB's long-term performance as a shareholder.  We have also designed other long-term incentive plans to recognise and reward top performers.

Medical and other benefits
Employee benefits are an integral part of UCB's total remuneration package.  We offer generous medical and retirement plans, as well as disability cover and other benefits.

Striking the right work-life balance

UCB is a company that is passionate about enabling people with severe diseases to enjoy normal, everyday lives, with their families.  Equally, we are keen that our staff enjoy a sensible balance between work and their home life.

At certain times this can be a tricky balance to strike. But we are working hard to ease the daily and other pressures by introducing new services and opportunities, tailored to local markets. In the US and parts of Europe, for example, we have a ‘work from home’ scheme, plus variable work hours.

We also operate a novel range of 'concierge' services.  In our Brussels headquarters, our Braine manufacturing site and our Slough R&D site, these services include on-site pick-up and delivery, e.g. laundry, dry-cleaning, shoe and clothes repair, and other similar services.  These services may include online orders of cinema or theatre tickets, as well as flowers, gifts and even summer camps for kids - all accessible through a special website.

Our German site in Monheim offers daycare facilities to employees and currently looks after many young children.

Other UCB sites are also innovative in creating similar opportunities, as adapted to local needs and constraints.

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