Celebrating One Year of Advantage Hers

Caroline Wozniacki celebrates her partnership with UCB on the Advantage Hers campaign and shares her personal reflection on the past year, highlighting significant milestones in her private life.

As I reflect on the past year of my life, I am truly overcome with joy and gratitude for all that I’ve been able to achieve while living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). From partnering with UCB to launching Advantage Hers last September, to becoming a mother to my baby girl this past summer – I’ve never felt as inspired as I do in this moment to use my voice and this platform to help empower other women to take charge of their lives, pursue their dreams, and play a more active role in their health care.

In just one year, Advantage Hers has reached nearly 50 million people across social media. Sharing my story and becoming close with the chronic inflammatory disease (CID) community has helped get me through some very tough days. I take comfort in knowing that I’m not alone in my disease journey, and that my experiences have resonated with so many other women around the world. #AdvantageHers is the thread that connects us all together, through which we can continue to share our personal stories, learn from one another’s trials and triumphs, and most importantly, support one another in every step of the journey.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been known for my professional tennis career, but one of my biggest victories in my life has been being able to share my RA story on a global scale. I could have never predicted that what was arguably one of the most challenging periods of my life, being diagnosed with a chronic illness at a young age, would propel me forward into this new and rewarding chapter of patient advocacy.

Like so many other women, I had fears about how my condition would impact my future when I was first diagnosed. My doctor and I worked closely together to manage my condition and achieve my personal goals. Fast forward to today, I’m proud to be working hard on this campaign. I’m also proud to be a new mom to my beautiful daughter, Olivia. As she grows older, I hope to empower her with the strength and resilience I myself have grown into throughout my tennis career, and my equally as intensive RA journey. I want to instil in her the confidence that anything she sets her mind to is achievable, which is the same advice I’d give to any woman pursuing their dreams – or just trying to make it through a tough day. We’re in this together!

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