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Supporting Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) Awareness Week

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Ingrid Pansar, Medical Affairs

This week (6th – 12th June) is Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) Awareness Week, when we show our support for people around the world living with this debilitating and painful chronic skin condition. HS is an immunological skin disease characterised by deep inflammatory nodules and recurring abscesses in sensitive areas of the body, which can cause considerable psychological distress, and impact on all areas of life, including interpersonal relationships, education and work. Delayed diagnosis is common, which means longer without appropriate treatment, the consequences of which can be severe in terms of disease progression.

HS Awareness Week, is held in the first full week of June every year, with the aim of raising awareness of HS and highlighting the challenges that people living with HS face. With our longstanding heritage in immunological conditions, and our focus on innovation with patients at the centre, we are well positioned to support this aim.

Our commitment to people living with severe diseases is highlighted through our ongoing partnership with MyHealthTeam, a company that builds social networks for people living with chronic conditions. In HS, we are delighted to partner with MyHealthTeam on ‘myHSteam’, a social network for people living with HS.

Because of the nature of their symptoms, people living with HS can often feel socially isolated and alone. ‘myHSteam’ connects people living with HS, offering a supportive space where they can share their stories, thoughts and questions with a welcoming community of people who are going through a similar experience. ‘myHSteam’ also offers a wealth of medically reviewed and educational articles on all aspects of living with HS in its resource center, which has recently been updated with the latest information on HS for its members.

“Our partnership with UCB on myHSteam has been invaluable to the people on our network living with HS. We are increasing the number of members every day, leading to more shared experiences, more support, and most importantly providing our members with an accepting, strong global community. We are facilitating relationships based on mutual understanding between people who are ready to support each other,” Beth Luce, SVP Partnerships and Partner Operations at MyHealthTeam.

Here at UCB, through our scientific innovations and partnerships, we are committed to closing the gaps in knowledge and care surrounding HS, to ultimately improve the lives of people living with HS. Raising awareness of the condition and its impact is an important first step on our journey. 

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