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#EmbracingEquity in clinical trials for pregnant and breastfeeding women living with chronic diseases

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Marie Teil, Women of Childbearing Age Mission

On March 8, millions will unite to observe International Women’s Day (IWD) with its theme #EmbraceEquity – encouraging us to take strides to address gender disparities and create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world.

A vivid example is the collection of clinical data and research. A recently published paper in the US by researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that women were underrepresented in clinical trials, which can negatively impact women's health. This lack of equity in clinical trials is even more pronounced for pregnant and breastfeeding women. during and after pregnancy. The COVID-19 pandemic further demonstrated this “pregnancy gap” in data and information with only 1.7% of clinical trials including pregnant women.

UCB is committed to closing the pregnancy gap and #EmbracingEquity in the care of pregnant and breastfeeding women with chronic diseases. In partnership with clinical teams, we strive to address knowledge gaps, collaborating with physicians and patients around the world to identify potential educational needs.

And, in 2023, our collective effort involves working with experts – as part of a new global commission – to resolve the lack of understanding about pregnancy and breastfeeding medication decisions, ensuring women can make decisions based on facts.

On this IWD, we are #EmbracingEquity in clinical trials for pregnant and breastfeeding women living with chronic diseases, advocating for a future where there is parity in care and outcomes for all.

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Posted by Jean-baptiste MIQUEL, 8 March 2023

Thanks Marie and the Team - What a real gap and unmet needs!