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Martin Citron, Neurology Early Solutions
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Martin Citron, Neurology Early Solutions

For over 30 years UCB has worked in the field of epilepsy and our commitment has never been stronger. We are working towards a future where we can impact the underlying causes of certain epilepsies and change the course of disease. But such innovation isn’t easy, so we work hard at creating the right surroundings and culture that nurtures and fosters innovation. We will monitor for new disruptive technologies, expand our therapeutic modality platforms, and seek out partners that can help us pioneer new approaches to drug discovery.

So, we are pleased with the recent news that UCB entered a drug discovery collaboration with GliaPharm. Co-founded by Prof. Pierre Magistretti, GliaPharm develops treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders. Their therapeutic approach is to target glial cells, the “support cells” of neurons, and to develop new drugs that target glia-mediated pathways as agents for neuroprotection and maintenance of cognitive functions. Under the collaboration, GliaPharm will use their proprietary GliaX technology platform to validate a series of therapeutic targets that we believe will enhance UCB's efforts in discovering drugs for epilepsy.

When you look at collaborations like this and the connectivity we have between our people, disciplines and technology, we think it’s a powerful R&D mix that we hope will enable us to develop solutions that move from symptomatic relief to those that could address the underlying causes of certain epilepsies.

So if you want to join a connected team who are in the pursuit of continuous innating then take a look at our R&D vacancies here.

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