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We are UCB and we are driven by science

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Scott Fleming, Global Communications & Company Reputation

At UCB we are ‘driven by science’, it’s a key aspect of our culture. Being driven by science signifies a commitment to making decisions and taking actions based on evidence, research, and empirical data. It means adopting novel technologies, exploring new modalities, and embracing the quest for knowledge, understanding, and truth that is at the heart of scientific endeavor.

Dynamic and Agile Innovator

We understand that knowledge isn't static - it evolves and it grows. So, we work hard to harness the power of knowledge, adapt to changing circumstances, seize opportunities, and drive healthcare innovation. UCB’s belief is that we can do this because we see potential where others see challenges. We see opportunities where others see obstacles. And most importantly, we see a future full of possibilities. This is what makes us, us. We aren’t content with merely keeping pace with industry trends. We anticipate them. We shape them. Through a potent combination of being dynamic and agile.

Harnessing Technology to Drive Health Innovation

At UCB, we believe in the transformative power of technology. We see it as a catalyst for change, a tool for progress, and an avenue for discovery. Our commitment to leveraging technology in our discovery and development pursuits is unwavering, and it's this dedication that helps fuels our drive for healthcare innovation. Today, advancements in fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, computer aided drug discovery and genomics are advancing the way we approach drug discovery and development. We are excited about the possibilities that technology brings to the field of science. As we continue to harness its power, we remain committed to our mission of improving lives through purpose-driven, inclusive, and dynamic health solutions.

Drug Modality Platforms: A New Era of Precision Medicine

While technology provides us with the tools to innovate, it’s the emergence of new and advancement of current drug modality platforms that's truly propelling us into a new era of drug discovery. These modalities, which range from small molecules and proteins to antibodies, cell therapies, and gene therapy, offer unprecedented opportunities to look at designing targeted therapies. The promise that this ‘precision’ medicine approach is not just innovative but transformative.

Driven by Science

But most importantly, being driven by science is about quickly adapting to our changing environment, using new technologies and drug modalities, and capitalizing on knowledge gains and our greater understanding of human disease biology to create positive change. It's about leveraging scientific insights to improve patients’ lives, build a better, more sustainable future, and make a meaningful difference in the world.

You can learn more about what shapes our purpose, drives our actions, and defines our culture by visiting Innovation is |UCB

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