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Kishan Vaghela, Business Operations Excellence

Innovation is a well-used word in the pharmaceutical industry. It has been used to describe culture, adopting new capabilities or methods, or bringing ideas from other industries into ours. Essentially, innovation does not have a one size fits all definition, but I think we can all agree it’s a critical element of progress and growth in today's rapidly evolving world.

Creating New Opportunities for Growth and Progress

The world is constantly changing, and with that comes new challenges, problems, and opportunities. Innovation allows us to adapt to these changes, and to create solutions that can make a positive impact on society. When we innovate, we are not just solving problems, but we are also creating new opportunities for growth and progress.

Innovation is not just about coming up with new ideas. It is about turning those ideas into practical solutions that have operational and customer value. This means that we should not only focus on creating something new but also on incrementally improving existing solutions to provide a tangible value to patients’ lives. 

Culture of Curiosity and Innovation

To stay competitive in today's fast-paced and ever-changing market we must continue to push innovation in science. Therefore, at UCB we encourage and foster a culture of curiosity and innovation. We do this by weaving creativity and collaboration into the fabric of everything we do.

Innovation is a critical aspect of progress and growth. It allows us to adapt to change, solve problems, and create new opportunities. It is essential to foster a culture of and encourage creative thinking to make a positive impact and bring value to patients’ lives. 

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