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Transformative Partnerships: UCB's Patient-Centric Approach to Advancing Healthcare

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Mitch Herndon, Clinical study patient engagement

We hear a lot in the pharmaceutical industry about collaborations and partnerships that are formed to drive innovation and breakthroughs. Big name partnerships are never far from the front pages, but successful partnerships come in all shapes and sizes. 

At UCB, there’s one form of partnership that we’ve found to be more transformative than any other and that’s the partnership with patients. To help bring innovation to our science, we work hard to build a trusted partnership with patients. We take the time to listen and learn from patients as this provides us with insights on the personal impact of their condition. Insights that don’t come from trial data or the test tube.

Patient-Centered Insights: The Art of Listening

The art of listening goes beyond just hearing words; it involves active engagement with the speaker. True listening grants us a deeper understanding and appreciation of others' perspectives and emotions. Through empathetic listening, we can better support and show compassion. 

Each person holds a unique experience and knowledge, and by attentively listening, we gain valuable insights that enrich our own understanding. The act of genuine listening allows us to learn from other’s successes, failures, and diverse experiences, expanding our knowledge beyond what we could achieve individually.

Cultivating Patient-Centricity: UCB's Purpose-Driven Research and Development

It’s an empowering way to work. Often, in research and development, where innovations are sometimes decades in the making, you can feel extracted from the focus of your research efforts. For us, the constant feedback loop from patients allows innovation in science to thrive. It’s why we come to work: to listen, to learn, and to make a real difference to the lives of patients suffering from severe diseases, every day. 

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Posted by canadian pharm…, 24 October 2023

This page definitely has all the information I needed about this subject and didn't know who to ask.