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Pioneering new and innovative approaches to drug discovery

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Scott Fleming, Global Communications & Company Reputation


Based on a deep understanding of disease biology and patient needs our researchers are constantly looking to evolve and improve UCB’s science, knowledge, and capabilities to help us continuously innovate. As part of our innovation efforts, we will monitor for new disruptive technologies and expand our therapeutic modality platforms to provide our scientists with access to state-of-the-art technologies that can help them pioneer new approaches to drug discovery.

That’s why the Roswell innovation and our collaboration is so exciting. Their new and disruptive technology (recent peer-reviewed article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [PNAS]) ‘digitizes biology’ and potentially enables analysis of molecular interactions not available with current tools and could increase the scale of molecular screening – in effect we can observe molecular interactions which could allow us to discover better medicines.

Roswell’s Molecular Electronics Chip™, developed by Roswell and a team of multi-disciplinary academics, uses single molecules as universal sensor elements in a circuit to create a programmable biosensor with real-time, single-molecule sensitivity and a scalable array architecture - effectively integrating single molecules into electronic chips to achieve miniaturization of bio-electronics. The sensor architecture enables precise electronic measurement at the single-molecule level for applications that range from basic discovery and translational research to precision diagnostics and whole-genome sequencing.

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