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Innovation in Healthcare: The Power of Collaborations

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Ian Wyglendowski, Strategic Clinical Partnering

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving and a key element to delivering success for the patients we serve is not just about having the best technology or data capabilities. It's about collaborations and partnerships - investing in meaningful relationships with other organisations that share our values and goals.

At UCB, we recognize that we cannot solve the world’s healthcare challenges alone, but that breakthroughs will result from the use of new technologies as well as open collaboration and partnerships. That is why we work hard to find great partners, because we know that the more, we collaborate, the more we can innovate.

Alignment of cultural values is an essential aspect of successful collaborations in R&D. When choosing partners, UCB places significant importance on their commitment to creating value for our patients. This is a top priority in our selection process.

Innovation in healthcare is not just about developing new treatments or technologies. It is also about understanding patients' needs and designing clinical trials that meet those needs. We recognise that our partners can provide valuable patient insights by leveraging new technologies.

For instance, through our partnership with Veeva, we are delivering scalable digital solutions for clinical trials. The collaboration will see UCB adopt Veeva ePRO and Veeva eConsent to provide a patient-centric digital experience to study participants and will actively influence the strategic direction of these and other applications based on learnings. Together, Veeva Systems and UCB aim to set a new industry standard for digital clinical trials with multiple applications that meet the unique needs of patients.

Innovation in healthcare cannot happen in a vacuum. It requires collaboration and strategic partnerships that are based on shared values. UCB's approach to partnering with other companies and leveraging new technologies is a testament to our dedication to improving patients' experiences. By harnessing the power of partnerships, we can achieve our mission of truly innovating and changing patients’ lives.

Find out more about our passion for innovation here.

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