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Encouraging Innovation: UCB's Culture of Connection and Collaboration

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Scott Fleming, Global Communications & Company Reputation

At UCB, we don’t just want to keep up with innovation, but lead the way. And that means creating the right culture for innovation to thrive, and we believe that it starts with forging strong connections, nurturing collaborations, and encouraging interdisciplinary teamwork. By embracing these principles, we aim to make groundbreaking discoveries that, we hope, can dramatically improve healthcare for patients worldwide. 

A Place Where Ideas Can Soar

Welcome to a home without boundaries, to a place where individuals, communities and companies can connect. We work hard to create an environment that supports connection, collaboration, and co-creation. We do this because we know the ability to align great minds and different skills together around a particular topic or task can lead to creative and innovative solutions.

The Power of Connections 

Building a culture of connection and collaboration requires time, investment, and effort, but the rewards are far-reaching. By fostering strong collaborations within our teams and partnering with external experts, we're tapping into a collective intelligence that can enrich our thinking and propel us forward. Our commitment to ‘being connected’ is one driving force behind our pace of innovation.  

Agile Networks for Openness 

Innovation requires agility, and that's exactly what our culture is built on. From our research scientists to our clinical trial associates, we value agility, openness, and flexibility. Our have a culture where ideas can be shared openly, knowledge can be transferred quickly, and novel concepts can be explored fearlessly. This culture of openness breaks down silos and empowers every member of the UCB team to contribute their unique insights, sparking innovative ideas from unexpected sources.

Where Science Meets Solutions 

We understand that innovation is a multi-disciplinary process. That's why we bring together our scientists, and experts from different fields to tackle complex challenges. By embracing diverse perspectives, we aim to enrich our thinking and find holistic solutions that aim to have a real impact on patient lives and advance medical science. 

You can learn more about UCB's commitment to innovation through connectivity and our drive to create a home without boundaries by visiting our innovation is webpage.

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