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Closing the gap between the scientist and the patient

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Jessica Williamson, US Protein Sciences

In a world where scientific innovations are occurring at an unprecedented pace, it's more important than ever to bridge the gap between scientists and the patients they strive to help. At UCB we believe a wave of innovation is helping reshape the healthcare landscape, with curiosity driving scientists and patients to come together to aid drug discovery and development so we can push the boundaries of what we can accomplish

Patient Involvement in Research

Partnering with patients enables us to delve deeper into our understanding of a disease and how it can profoundly affect individuals. Patients are experts in their own experiences, and their insights can provide valuable information to scientists. Furthermore, they can inform us on what aspects of a treatment or clinical trial participation they find most challenging, which we can work on overcoming.

Patient Involvement in Healthcare Innovation

Innovative digital technology is undoubtedly playing a crucial role in bridging the gap between the scientist and the patient. These technologies can enable individuals to actively participate in their healthcare by monitoring their daily health indicators, managing their medications, and tracking their physical activities. Additionally, by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) we have the potential to shift to a more precise approach to drug design and discovery which can also lead to more personalised medicines.

Driving Innovation Forward

As the driving force behind new discoveries in healthcare, scientists hold the key to unlocking innovations that have the potential to change lives. By fostering collaboration with patients, advocating for open access to knowledge, embracing digital health technologies, and learning more about the drivers of disease, we can close the gap between scientists and patients, creating a sustainable path to a healthier world for future generations.

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