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A Culture of Patient-Centered Healthcare Innovation

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Scott Fleming, Global Communications & Company Reputation


In a world where scientific innovation is advancing at an unprecedented pace, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of cutting-edge technology. However, at UCB, we think technology is only part of the innovation puzzle. UCB's ethos is deeply rooted in the belief that innovation should revolve around the patients we serve, and we have a culture where the patient is not just the end-user, but the beginning and the centerpiece of every breakthrough. Patient-centricity is at the heart of everything we do. 

Greater Knowledge and Deeper Understanding

At UCB we ensure that each stage of the discovery and development journey is dedicated to comprehending the unique challenges faced by patients, and subsequently, providing solutions that enhance their quality of life. How? By being data-driven and question-led. By seeking a deep understanding of a disease and its underlying pathobiology. By exploring new pathways and approaches and being unafraid to take risks and challenging the status quo.

Unlocking Disease Drivers Fuels Innovation

A better understanding of a disease, its drivers and its pathobiology greatly enhances drug discovery by providing critical insights into the underlying molecular and biological factors responsible for diseases. By unravelling these intricacies, it can enable our scientists to identify specific drug targets, personalizes treatment options, and fosters biomarker discovery for diagnostics and clinical trials. Mechanism-based therapies become possible with the goal of reducing side effects and off-target impacts.
In essence, by exploring the intricate details of diseases and their pathobiology, we're not just uncovering valuable insights. We're fueling a wave of innovation in patient-centered healthcare that promises to advance patient care and public health.

Human Centric Health

At UCB, there’s one form of partnership that we’ve found to be more transformative than any other and that’s the partnership with patients. To help bring innovation to our research, we work hard to build a trusted partnership with patients. We take the time to listen and learn from patients as this provides us with insights on the personal impact of their condition. Insights that don’t come from trial data or the test tube. In fact, when you work at UCB you quickly understand that patients are not only patients but are first and foremost human beings.
It’s an empowering way to work and it sees us prioritize the individual needs, preferences, and experiences of patients. Take for example our clinical trials where many of the patients that we serve have complex conditions and our aim is to make clinical trial participation as easy as possible, enabling participants to continue with their day-to-day lives with minimal disruption. By combining patient-centered design with innovative technologies, we seek to increase flexibility and optionality.

A Home for Patient-Centered Innovation

We’ve moved away from seeing patients as just patients. By really listening and engaging with them as partners, from early research through to late-stage development, we can truly innovate, improve the patient reality and drive patient-centered healthcare. 
To learn more about our culture and how innovation drives everything we do visit Innovation is | UCB.


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